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1.3 GHz Frequency Counter

1.3 GHz Frequency Counter

1.3 GHz frequency counter is used to measure the frequency of a signal. It is mainly made up of time-base circuit, input circuit, counter display circuit and control circuit.

1. In traditional manufacturing enterprises, 1.3 GHz frequency counter is widely used in production line for production test. For example, frequency counter kit is able to quickly capture the output frequency changes of crystal oscillator. With the help of it users can quickly find defective products so as to ensure product quality.
2. In metrology laboratory, it is used to have a calibration on local oscillator of various electronic measuring devices.
3. In wireless communication test, 1.3 GHz frequency counter can be used to have a calibration on master clock of wireless communication base station. Besides, it can also be used for analyzing frequency hopping signal and frequency modulation signal of radio station.

1. 1.3 GHz frequency counter is equipped with low pass filter to improve low frequency, which helps to strengthen anti-interference ability.
2. It adopts mature circuit which has extremely high sensitivity.


Model HC-F1000L
Frequency Measurement CHANNEL A Range        1Hz-100MHz Resolution     Max. 1Hz Gate Time      0.01s/0.1s/1s Selectable Accuracy      ±1count ±Time Base Error × Freq. CHANNEL B Range         100MHz-1GHz (Max. up to 1.3GHz) Resolution      Max. 100Hz Gate Time       0.01s/0.1s/1s Selectable Accuracy       ±1count ±Time Base Error × Freq.
Period Measurement (CH A Only) Range         1Hz to10MHz Resolution      Max. 10-9s Accuracy       ±1count ±Time Base Error × period
Input Characteristics CHANNEL A Input Sensitivity       1Hz-10Hz       30mVrms 10Hz-80MHz         25mVrms 80MHz-100MHz      30mVrms Attenuation           x 1, x 20 Fixed Impedance            Approx. 1MΩ , <3pF Maximum Input Voltage   250Vrms (DC+AC) CHANNEL B Input Sensitivity        100MHz-1GHz    30mVrms 1GHz-1.3GHz    50mVrms Impedance       Approx. 50Ω Maximum Input Voltage   3V
Output Attenuator 0dB, 10dB, 20dB,30dB, 40dB,60dB (6 Range Selection, ±1dB Accuracy with 600Ω Load)
Time Base Frequency       10MHz Stability         Better than ± 2×10-6/day
Output          Low Level(0):  0V-0.8V                 High Level(1):  3V-5V
Display 8 Digit 7mm Red LED Display with Decimal Point, Gate, Overflow, kHz, MHz and µs Indication.
Warm-up Time 20 Minutes after Cold Started at 25°C
Operation Ambient 0°C - 50°C, 10 - 90% RH
Dimension 85mm(W) × 207mm(H) × 255mm(D)
Weight 2kg

1. 1.3 GHz frequency counter should be equipped with suitable line voltage.
2. To avoid electrical shock, the protective grounding conductor of power cord should be connected to ground.

1. To maintain good ventilation, regular cleaning should be carried out.
2. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the instrument when cleaning it and use a soft cloth with mild detergent and water instead.

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