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DC Stabilized Power Supply

DC stabilized power supply is a commonly used electronic equipment. It is capable of supplying constant voltage or constant current to an electrical load. The voltage and current can be set at any value within its full scale.

DC stabilized power supply is widely used in national defense and scientific research institution, colleges & universities, laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating and charging equipment.

1. DC stabilized power supply features small volume, light weight, energy saving and high efficiency.
2. It has many protection functions such as over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection and reverse polarity protection function. For example, if the output voltage exceeds the normal value, the over voltage function will take reaction and cut off the output process. After the instrument is restarted, it recovers to the normal condition.
3. It has a long time short circuit in the working condition.

1. In order to avoid magnetic flux leakage interference, the distance between voltage stabilizer and involved facilities should be over 2 m. All the magnetic recordings, discs and cards should be 2 m away from the machine in case of accidental magnetization.
2. When short circuit occurs, please turn off the power and check the equipment immediately. After the short-circuit fault is solved, you can turn on the instrument again.
3. DC stabilized power supply should be put in good ventilated places. If not, please install a ventilator in the room.
4. Pay attention to the positive and negative polarity when making connection.

1. The most important things are dust prevention and heat dissipation. Besides, do not operate the machine in overload condition.
2. Keep away from gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, greasy dirt and other explosive or corrosive medium when you install DC stabilized power supply. Then the insulating property of the machine will be well-protected. Try to avoid the action of vibration or jounce.
3. The machine should always be in a vertical state without suffering any wind, snow, ice or hail.
4. This instrument is a three-phase four-wire system, so please try to reduce contact resistance of midcourt line (null line) connection.
5. Before using, please pay attention to the polarity of required DC voltage. If it needs to output positive voltage, the output end of DC stabilized power supply should be connected to ground end of electric equipment. Before the instrument is charged with electricity, please use the multimeter to have a test of the voltage to make sure that it is appropriate.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
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2. The products are packed in standard carton boxes.
3. Type of shipping is by sea, by air or land transportation.

We provide one-year warranty period and technical and material support for DC stabilized power supply.