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  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering StationSoldering station is a tool used in soldering. Temperature controlled soldering station displays the soldering tip temperature digitally either in LED or LCD screen. You can change the temperature easily by using the buttons or knobs. This device is suitable for installing, repairing and limited production work in electronics assembly...
  • Hot Air Soldering Station
  • Hot Air Soldering StationHot air soldering station achieves welding by heating the soldering tin. It is made up of air pump, linear circuit board, airflow stabilizer, handle components and air blower gun. Air pump is inside a black box and it is mainly used for blowing out air. The air then flows to the front handle along the rubber tube.1. Hot air soldering station has antistatic ...
  • 2 in 1 Soldering Station
  • 2 in 1 Soldering StationSoldering station is a tool used in soldering. It supplies heat to melt the solder so that it can flow into the joint between two work-pieces. 2 in 1 soldering station means the combination of temperature controlled and hot air soldering station.1. 2 in 1 soldering station is suitable for thermal shrinkage, drying, thawing, preheating, disinfection and welding...

Soldering Station

Soldering station is a tool used in soldering. It supplies heat to melt the solder so that it can flow into the joint between two work-pieces. It is made up of welding head and iron stand.

1. Soldering station is widely used in PCB soldering of electronic factory.
2. It is suitable for electronic appliance repairing, electronic integrated circuit and chip.

1. Handle voltage of soldering station is only AC 24V which belongs to safe voltage thus in general there is no electric shock.
2. It has two anti-static ways which include soft touchdown and hard touchdown. Therefore it has absolute protection in the aspect of safety performance.
3. Temperature of handle voltage can be effectively controlled. Thus life span of soldering and heater are relatively higher.
4. Soldering station adopts demolition of anti-static design which is able to protect sensitive components and staff safety.
5. It is equipped with power saving function and plug-in temperature control system. This helps to prevent random changing of welding temperature.
6. It has the advantages of power saving, long service life and fast warming speed.

Soldering station is characteristic of the following functions includes anti-static function, power nap function and digitally display temperature.

Soldering station includes temperature controlled soldering station, hot air soldering station and 2 in 1 rework station.

1. It is necessary to read the instructions carefully before operation and connect the ground electrode in case of static discharge.
2. It is prohibited to put metal conductors in front of the mesh. Otherwise it would result in heating element damage and electric shock to human body.
3. When the machine is not in use, please put the handle on the scaffold in case of accident.
4. Try to keep low temperature welding. For example, the oxidation rate in more than 450℃ is twice of that in 370℃.
5. Please keep tipping on the tin to prevent oxidation.
6. Please don’t put too much pressure before during otherwise it will deform the tip.

1. When the new iron or iron head is put in use for the first time, the welding head should be burnt for half an hour immersed in rosin and solder.
2. If soldering station is not in need temporarily, please turn off the power. On the one hand it saves electricity and on the other hand, the welding head under high temperature for a long time will accelerate its aging.
3. Ensuring the purity of the tip will help to extend its service life.
4. After completed soldering, please turn the temperature to 300℃ first then clean the tip. Besides, add a new layer of solder for protection.
5. When soldering tool is not in use, please turn off the power. Otherwise, the flux in soldering iron will turn into oxide easily.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
1. T/T or L/C is accepted terms of payment.
2. Soldering stations are packed in standard carton boxes.
3. Type of shipping is by sea, by air or land transportation.

We provide one-year warranty period and technical material support for soldering station.

Founded in 1995, LANTYCA Instruments is a specialized supplier of soldering stations. Our products are manufactured according to the global certificates of ISO 9001:2008. With more than fifteen years experience in instrument industry, we have customers from Chinese mainland and all over the world.