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20 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

20 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes are used to observe the change of an electrical signal over time. The constantly varying signal voltages can be graphed on the screen, which is commonly referred to as a waveform.

1. 20 MHz analog oscilloscope with probe is widely used in science, medicine, engineering and telecommunication industry.
2. It can also be used to test different powers such as voltage, electric current, frequency, phase difference and amplitude modulation.

1. 20 MHz analog oscilloscope is simple to operate. All the operation processes are completed in the faceplate so that the waveform responses in a quick manner.
2. It has high vertical resolution which is also continuous and unlimited.
3. It is fast in data update because it captures hundreds and thousands of waveforms per minute.
4. It provides visible waveforms to the technicians who can take tests easily within the regulated bandwidth.

Parameters of 20 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

Screen 6" screen with internal graticule: 8×10 divisions (1 division=1cm)
Accelerating Voltage +1.9kv
Phosphor P31 standard
Focusing Adjustable
Trace Rotation Adjustable
Intensity Control Provided
Vertical Deflection
Bandwidth DC Coupling DC to 20MHz (Normal) DC to 7MHz (Magnified)
AD Coupling 10Hz to 20MHz (Normal) 10Hz to 7MHz (Magnified)
Deflection Factor 5mV/div to 5V/div in 10 steps of 1-2-5 sequence (X5 Magnified: 1mV/div to 1V/div in 10 steps)
Display Mode CH1, CH2, ADD, ALT, CHOP
Accuracy Normal: ±3%, Magnified: ±5%
Input Impedance 1MΩ, 25pF
Max. Input Voltage 250V (DC+AC peak)
CH1 Output 20mV/div (in 50Ω, 20Hz to 10MHz)
Rise Time ≤17.2ns
Polarity Inversion CH2 Only
Horizontal Deflection
Time Base 0.2μs/div to 0.2s/div in 9 steps of 1-2-5 sequence.
Sweep Magnification X10
Accuracy Normal: ±3%, Magnified: ±5%
X-Y Mode
X-Axis CH1 (Bandwidth: DC-500kHz)
Y-Axis CH2
X-Y Phase Difference 3° or less (DC-50kHz)
Trigger System
Trigger Source CH1,CH2,VERT, LINE, EXT
Coupling AC
Slope + or -
Sensitivity & Frequency 0.5 div (0.5Vp-p EXT), 10Hz-20MHz 1.0 div or 1Vp-p, TV
Frequency 1kHz ±20%
Voltage 0.5V ±10%
Power Supply
Voltage Range 220V/110V ±10%
Fuse 0.5A/1A
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Dimensions 310(W) × 130(H) × 370(D) mm
Weight 9kg

1. 20 MHz analog oscilloscope should be equipped with suitable line voltage.
2. To avoid electrical shock, the protective grounding conductor of power cord should be connected to ground.

1. To maintain good ventilation, regular cleaning should be carried out.
2. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the instrument when cleaning it. Please use a soft cloth with mild detergent and water instead.

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