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3 MHz Function Generator

3 MHz Function Generator

3 MHz analog function generator is a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate different types of electrical waveforms. Some of the most common waveforms produced by function signal generator are the sine, square, triangular and sawtooth shapes. Signal generator is widely used in development, test and repairing electronic equipment.

1. 3 MHz analog function generator adopts precise current source circuit which makes the output signal has high accuracy over the whole frequency band.
2. Signal generator is composed of operational amplifier and discrete component. It features simple structure, low cost and high reliability.
3. The computer case of 3 MHz analog function generator is beautifully designed and is control by full board. It is more comfortable and convenient to operate.

Parameters of 3 MHz Analog Function Generator

Model MFG-8203, MFG-8303
Frequency Range 0.3Hz-3MHz
Output Waveforms Sine, Triangle, Square, ± Pulse, ± Ramp, TTL pulse
Output Impedance 50Ω±10%
Output Amplitude ≥20Vp-p (open)
DC Offset 0 to ± 10V continuous adjustable
Symmetry Range 80:20 - 20:80
Rising Edge of Square 100ns
Sine Characteristic
Distortion <1% (10Hz-100KHz)
Frequency Response ≤ ±0.5dB (0.1Hz to 100kHz) ≤ ±1dB (100KHz to 3MHz)
TTL Output
Level High level: ≥ 2.4Vp-p, Low level: ≤0.4V
Rise Time ≤ 30ns
VCF Input
Input Voltage -5V to 0V ± 10%
Max. Control Ratio 1000:1
Input Signal DC-1 KHz
Sweep Operation
Sweep Mode Linear, Logarithmic
Sweep Speed 10ms - 5s
Sweep Ratio ≥1000:1
Output Amplitude 7Vp-p
Output Impedance 600Ω
Amplitude Modulation (models with “A” only)
Modulating Frequency 400Hz (internal ), 0 - 1MHz (external )
Modulation Depth 0 - 85 %
Frequency Modulation (models with “A” only)
Deviation 0 - 10 %
Modulating Frequency 400Hz (internal), 0 - 20kHz (external)
Distortion of Mod. Signal ≤1.5% (fc=500kHz, fm=1 kHz, ±10%)
Power Output (models with “W” only)
Amplitude ≥20Vp-p
Power Maximum 5W
Frequency Counter
Measuring Range 1Hz-20MHz
Input Impedance ≥1 MΩ/20pF
Sensitivity 10mVrms
Max Input 150V (AC+DC) (with attenuator)
Input Attenuation 20dB
Accuracy < 0.003% ± 1 digit
Power Supply AC 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz (110V ± 10% Optional)
Operation Ambient 0℃- 40℃/≤90%RH
Dimension 310(W) × 100(H) × 260(D) mm
Weight 3.5kg

1. 3 MHz analog function generator should be equipped with suitable line voltage.
2. To avoid electrical shock, the protective grounding conductor of power cord should be connected to ground.

1. To maintain good ventilation, regular cleaning should be carried out.
2. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the instrument when cleaning it. Please use a soft cloth with mild detergent and water instead.

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